How to Observe all the Marvel Movies in Order

We mostly caught to background info or issues you’ve seen in trailers, so you don’t have all the things spoiled for you. Army officer. This provides you background on Steve Rogers and the way he turned the “first Avenger.” Because of the injection, Rogers takes up the mantle of Captain America. We discover out extra about how Dr. Banner becomes The Hulk due to the navy “Super-Soldier” program that Steve Rogers was part of. On this movie, we see Hulk discover ways to doubtlessly management his transformations and use them for good while being hunted by the military, led by Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt). Thaddeus Ross is also on this movie. This film grossed $1.5 billion and turned the third highest-grossing movie of all time. Edward Norton took over the position of Bruce Banner from Bana and the occasions in this movie are set around the time of Iron Man. We see Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) in their full film debuts. Thanos’s quest for the Infinity Stones is in full force in Avengers: Infinity War. Don Cheadle takes over the mantle of Rhodes and we see him turn out to be War Machine. Mark Ruffalo takes over as Bruce Banner. Thor must team up with Loki to stop the Dark Elves from taking over the Nine Realms.

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